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Before you call your doctor for even one more, expensive, time-wasting visit, let me show you the natural way to treat hundreds of common ailments . . . Safely . . . Quickly . . . and Right in Your Own Home!

Discover the best, proven ways to end . . .

  • headaches 

  • backaches 

  • fatigue 

  • insomnia 

  • arthritis 

  • sore throats 

  • excess weight 

  • coughs and colds 

  • indigestion 

  • and much, much more!

It's true! There are many effective, natural ways to treat most health problems. And finally you can have access hundreds of the best. Expensive, time-consuming doctor visits, and potentially dangerous chemicals are no longer your only options. And you don't need to feel helplessly uninformed about your health care any more.

You don't have to put dangerous chemicals in your body.

You can save hundreds of dollars in doctor visits and avoid potentially dangerous prescriptions when you use the Encyclopedia to treat problems at home.

Yes, you can know exactly what to do to prevent or heal over 450 common health problems . . . right in your own home . . . without drugs. For example,

g Your vacuum cleaner could hold the key to eliminating
        respiratory problems, headaches and nausea. Page 155.

g     Finally get a good night's sleep! 11 sure-fire natural ways to
         cure your own insomnia. See page 235.

g Check your spice rack to fight heart disease, prevent cancer
        and lower cholesterol. We'll show you how. Page 89.

g End stomach distress with a spot of tea and this common

Medical Science and Natural Science combined for your best health!

This unique health guide is a practical blend of medical science and natural science. It's packed with things you can do yourself that will benefit your family and friends every day!

It will keep you healthier. It will keep you happier. And it will let you keep more of your own hard-earned money!

You'll learn how to use common, inexpensive foods, vitamins, herbs and spices to bring relief for a variety of ailments.

You'll have peace of mind knowing you're taking positive steps for your family's well-being through dozens of disease-preventing tips.

Everything from "A" to :Z" remedies at your fingertips!

You'll know right away why we call this an encyclopedia. It's jam-packed with detailed information and answers to questions on virtually every health issue you will possibly face.

From Alzheimer's, Bursitis and Cancer ... to Warts, Yogurt and Zinc, you cannot get a more complete listing of home health remedies.

You'll find yourself reaching for this handy guide again and again for clear, step-by-step answers to common health problems that anyone can understand.

g This natural nutrient strengthens your heart just  like vigorous
        exercise without you ever leaving your chair! See page 242.

g How to reverse the signs of aging and add years to your life
        naturally; without fad diets, dangerous drugs or strenuous
        exercise. Page 165.

g This common garden vegetable holds the key to fighting
        several deadly diseases. See page 115.

g PMS? 10 foods that will make you feel better right away and
       5 that will make you feel worse. See page 144.

g Get hours of relief from sore throat pain with this special
        combination from your  refrigerator and spice rack.

First aid? Medical emergencies? Find the answer to any health problem in 15 seconds.

When medical emergencies arise, time is of the essence. The tips and techniques in The Encyclopedia are designed to give you complete information FAST.

While help is on the way, step-by-step instructions make it easy to perform required procedures even while under the stress of a medical emergency safely, quickly and correctly.

g The best natural burn remedy isn't butter. Use this instead and
        heal faster with less scarring. Page 111.

g End muscle cramps with this home remedy your doctor
        probably doesn't know about Page 119.

g Cuts, bumps and bruises. Learn how nutrition can heal you
       nearly twice as fast! Page 121.

There's No Worrying. No Guessing. Clear and simple instructions tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.

With The Encyclopedia Of Home Health Remedies, you never have to wonder if you're "Doing it right." Simple, step-by-step instructions guide you through every technique. We tell you exactly what to do! Plainly, clearly, simply.

g Secrets to relieve foot pain. They're simple and effective, yet
        most doctors overlook them. 

g A breathing technique that stops pain dead in  its tracks for
        many people. Page 322.

g Freeze away wrinkles. Discover how an ordinary ice-cube can
        become your age-beating ally. See page 213.

g This common cooking ingredient works better than aspirin for
        reducing arthritis pain ... and with no stomach discomfort.
        See page 157.

The Encyclopedia is perfect for preventing future problems.

You know how important it is to be healthy. The Encyclopedia Of Home Health Remedies is the perfect guide to help you stay that way. It contains hundreds of tips like these on how to avoid nagging health problems and diseases:

Fruits and vegetables that act as a "Fountain of youth." They actually repair cell damage to make you feel younger.

g Do you know about the "Silent Killer" -Poor Digestion? New
       evidence links it to over 100 diseases. Learn 10 natural ways
       to improve your digestion and avoid illness. 

g The true story about fiber. What and how much to eat for
        maximum cancer prevention. 

g Are antioxidants the next health savior? Or will they be
        another fad? You should read this before you decide. .

g How to cut your risk of a heart attack by up to 52%.

g Invigorate your immune system to fight off disease. This
       simple, self-massage does the trick. See page 347.

g How to cut your risk of diabetes by up to 50%.

Treat existing medical conditions the safe, natural way.

No matter how much we want good health, everyone has to deal with various medical problems at one time or another. Check The Encyclopedia for a fast, accurate diagnosis of your symptoms.

g Bursitis? Simple technique eliminates pain in your shoulders,
        hips, knees and ankles. 

g 5 fast and effective things to do when "Montezuma" strikes.

g Over 20% of all women suffer from urinary tract infections.

g    Treat this painful problem with a snappy and  tasty drink. See
        page 278.

g The incredible exercise that can stop bladder control
        problems. See page 222.

g Hemorrhoids? New ways to eliminate this problem. Page 237.

g How zinc can help get rid of your cold, FAST! 

g Losing your hair? There are 8 things you can do to keep your
        locks lasting longer. 

g How to get rid of ingrown toenails without cutting. Page 195.

Discover dozens of secrets to a healthier sex life.

Nothing is more natural than sex. So it's only appropriate that you will find answers to dozens of questions and conditions that will improve your sex life in The Encyclopedia.

g The only safe way to find out if your high-blood pressure
        medication is affecting your love life. Page 215.

g  Impotent? Discover the most effective cure  that is
        still unknown to all but the most knowledgeable people. 

g Natural ways to make menopause less  troublesome and more
        comfortable. Page 38.

g 2 foods that increase your appetite  for sex! They're proven to
       work at any age. Page 169.

g 3 proven ways to cure premature ejaculation. 

Get relief from these nagging problems we all have to deal with.

Think of the many medical conditions faced by your family that are real nuisances! Nothing serious enough to warrant an expensive doctor visit, but things you'd like to control. Now you can get all the answers you need on hundreds of these pesky problems, like:

g The natural secret that cures bad breath. See page 46.

g Put the brakes on motion sickness. 5 easy cures from your
        kitchen. Page 146.

g Think cutting back on salt will take care of your high blood
        pressure? Why this common misconception could cost you
        your life. See page 49.

g Why many people cannot quit smoking. The little-known
        nutrient that makes it much easier to kick the habit for good.
        Page 311.

g Constipated? Don't like prunes? Choose from over a dozen
        natural home remedies.

Natural diet and beauty secrets revealed!

Get the natural answers you need to tackle these important issues in The Encyclopedia. Then use the money you save on chemicals and cosmetics and have some real fun!

g The "diet pill" from nature. Eat this natural food: it will increase
        your metabolism and help you lose weight.

g Control your "sweet tooth." with these 5 natural methods.
       Watch the excess pounds peel off easily. See page 277.

g Eliminate those embarrassing age spots with this all-natural
        balm you whip up in minutes. See page 269.

g Spending a fortune on cosmetics? The safest, easiest and most
        inexpensive anti-aging remedy can make you look 10 to 20
        years younger. Page 19.

g Great news for your teen: Use ordinary potatoes to control 
        acne. But not in the way you might suspect.

IMPORTANT SPECIAL SECTION: Alternative, Natural Cures for Chronic, Serious Health Problems!

Sooner or later, every family will have to deal with a loved one who develops a serious illness. In those special cases you'll want to have every option for healing and ease of suffering options your doctor may not know about. This special section of The Encyclopedia is devoted to bringing comfort, hope and relief in situations like these:

g Put your cancer in complete remission. See the  incredible net findings on page 158.

g 5 natural foods that help your heart. Page 160.

g The food that actually breaks up clots in your blood---and reverses hardened arteries. Page 158.

g 7 foods that can lower your cholesterol by 20%. Page 244.

g Can you reverse heart disease? The experts say, "Absolutely!" if you do these 5 things. Page 166.

You Will Need This To Stay Healthy

Easy-to-read charts and diagrams in this unique kit help you set goals for maximum personal wellness. For every member of your family you'll have specific guidelines, based on individual body-type, age, sex and lifestyle factors, to . . .

g Know how much of each vitamin and mineral is "enough" for someone who lives your kind of life-style.

g Know your "ideal" weight, based on your age, sex, and body type.

g Know exactly how many calories you require each day to lose weight, and to maintain where you're at.

g Learn how to determine your personal fat content.: Know the best fat ratio for your body.


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